What it's all about

Here I am, writing in my notebook on our first day


Yesterday, I got back from a holiday in Morocco with my partner, Briony. 

I'd brought a notebook along (a Canson 5.5"x8.5" recycled paper sketchbook, if you're into stationary). I brought it along because I always bring a notebook on holiday, and because I didn't want the notebook I brought to be my work notebook (a Black and Red softcover A4 notebook).

On the first day of the trip, I surprised myself by actually writing in the notebook, something I haven't properly done for years. I decided to type it up when I got home, and start a blog. 

From here on out, 'Away from my Desk' will provide a home for observations and thoughts that have nothing to do with what I do at work. Naturally, it will begin with Morocco.